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Kamba Fit is a fitness and performance movement training center for both adults and youth located in the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri. Our workouts are designed to help members improve and enhance their functional abilities outside the gym by reintroducing and optimizing natural movement patterns. In an industry that mainly focuses on the here and now, we offer a smarter, client-centered approach to fitness with one-on-one training and small group classes in our Westport, Kansas City gym. Our ultimate goal is to help our members live and perform better for life.


Kamba Fit’s mission is to provide our members the motivation and education they need to obtain and maintain optimum health and physical performance.


Our personalized training includes customized workouts and meal planning tailored to fit the individual. Our personal training sessions provide solid structure and also help members establish sustainable healthy habits.

Semi-Private Personal Training:
A great option for those who are looking for one on one attention and accountability and are willing to share a session at a discounted price.

With semi-private personal training you will get:
A dedicated trainer coaching you toward your fitness goals

· Motivation from others who are looking to achieve similar goals
· A 50-minute semi-private session three times per week maxed out at 5 people
· Fun and challenging workouts
· Weekly food journals
· Bi-weekly weigh-ins with body measurements

Youth Fitness Classes Ages 12-18

Designed to coach  youth athletes proper movement mechanics and also improve movement quality through strength, speed, power, stability and agility training. This will help develop them into becoming complete, well balanced athletes. Functional Movement is  the foundation of our training.  Our goal is to help the  youth not only to excel and achieve their athletic goals but also to develop a love for activity over their lifespan.


“Everyone can make an athlete stronger. Anyone can make an athlete tired. Not everyone can make an athlete Better!”

Nutrition is extremely important to any fitness program. We help our members establish consistency in sustainable eating habits. Clients are coached on how to make healthier food choices, including the right supplements for their appropriate level. We provide you with individually customized, registered dietitian-designed and -approved meal plans.

Supplements are based on the four pillars of Kamba Fit:

HEALTH (Jumla):  Flor Essence tea (A gentle 7 day detox to cleanse your body), Probiotics, Multi-Vitamin, Fish oil. If you are a beginner, you should start here.

FUNCTION (Daraja): Probiotics, Multi-Vitamin, Fish oil, Vitamin D3. If you have been working out frequently and progressing you should start here.

FITNESS (Bingwa): Probiotics, Multi-Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Turmeric. If you have been pushing yourself harder than normal and beginning to push your fitness to a higher level.

PERFORMANCE (Shajaa): Probiotics, Multi-Vitamin, Fish oil, Vitamin D3, Turmeric, BCAAS.  If you are an elite lifter or an all around athlete and working towards performance you should start here.

As a native of Kenya, Africa, and a background including soccer and track, Chris discovered his passion for fitness at an early age. His athletic training led him to earn a degree from the Professional Fitness Institute in 2004. There he received hands-on personal training experience and realized the opportunity to refine his abilities while sharing his passion for fitness with others.

After several years in small, local fitness centers as well as large, national gyms, in 2008 Chris decided to take on the challenge of starting his own business. He opened Kamba Fit, his Westport, Kansas City gym, in April 2015.

Chris currently holds certifications through N.S.C.A., National Academy of Sports Medicine, I.S.S.A., Apex Nutrition and Fitness, Youth Fitness Specialist (IYCA), and Russian Kettlebells.


A fitness expert and author with more than 25 covers and 50 published articles. Justin has helped thousands of skinny guys all over the world get results with his Bigger Better Faster 2.0 Program. In addition, he has been featured on TV and in national magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, and ESPN.

Sydney joins the Kamba Tribe having been a competitive athlete her entire life. A Kansas City native, she went on to play D1 soccer for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and returned home to begin her professional career with FC Kansas City in 2017. She then went on to play for Utah Royals FC of the National Women’s Soccer League and Western Sydney Wanderer’s of Australia’s W-League before announcing her retirement.

Sydney credits her time as a professional athlete for helping her to understand the importance of health, wellness and fitness, not just in athletics, but in life.

“My lifelong involvement in sports has led me to find a new passion in helping others improve their quality of life through movement. I am excited to use my unique experience and perspective to educate others in making confident decisions along their health and fitness journeys.”

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Kristin is an Illinois native but has called Kansas City home for the past seven years. She is a UMKC graduate where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Kristin is passionate about helping people live their life to the fullest by helping foster healthy lifestyles through fitness and nutrition. She hopes to change the stigma around fitness in her community by promoting positivity through fun and engaging workouts and lifestyle changes that will benefit and change people’s lives. Kristin is motivated to help change lives while giving glory to God.

Recipes For Success

Don’t start a DIET that has an expiration date…FOCUS on a LIFESTYLE that will last FOREVER!

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     The four pillars emphasize going through the PROCESS in order to attain ones ultimate fitness goals. It’s an integrated system that based on good science and proven practice. It maximizes results while minimizing injury risk. Each level has different exercise progressions. The Four levels allow members to advance according to their physical capability, time commitment and fitness goals through progressive resistance exercises. These exercises are used to strengthen movement patterns and muscles for peak physical performance.

    Jumla: (HEALTH), Yellow Band

    K – Kinetic breathing technique and bracing basics

    F – Focuses on movement mechanics and posture

    I – Introduction to strength building, flexibility, and restoring mobility

    T – Trains using light weights or body weight

    Daraja: (FUNCTION) Green Band.

    K – Key functions and fundamentals exhibited

    F – Follows proper exercise execution with guidance

    I – Intermediate movement mechanics and posture

    T – Trains using heavier weights

    Bingwa: (FITNESS) Blue band.

    K – Keeps and achieves goals consistently

    F – Follows proper exercise execution with minimal guidance

    I – Institutes and exhibits proper movement mechanics and postures

    T – Trains for increased strength

    Shajaa: (PERFORMANCE) Black band.

    K – Kamba kit member for sic (6) months or longer

    F – Fitness goals are extreme and specific (sports specific, marathon, triathlon, etc.)

    I – Implements core principles and serves as role models to others

    T – Trains for power, speed, and agility

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